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Ten useful LibreOffice Macro Recipes

Macros are a great way to automate tasks in Spreadsheet applications, be it the good old Microsoft Excel or the equally efficient FOSS alternative, LibreOffice Calc. The best thing about macros is that they are written in a very easy language called Basic. © The LibreOffice Project As it’s very … Read More

Linux Desktop Survey Project - Feb/2016

I will start this post by thanking the kind folks at the Reddit’s linux subreddit and Voat’s linux subverse who wholeheartedly participated in this survey. Here are the results and they are pretty insightful. For a developer who builds apps targetting the linux platform, it helps to know … Read More

Are your Firefox addons really that safe? - An Insider Story

Firefox is one of the most competitive FOSS browsers out there, there is no denying it. Mozilla also has strict guidelines regarding what goes into their repos. And in the spirit of all things open source, you may naturally tend to believe that developers who have written your coolest new … Read More

How to add HTML tag highlighting to Geany

Ever since I bid farewell to Windows after they introduced that horrible Metro interface in Windows 8, I had been on the lookout for FOSS Linux alternatives that can run easily on my ubuntu 14.04 machine. One such lookout was a replacement for Notepad++ as I always need a … Read More

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