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The 7 "Bread and Butter" Plugins for your Wordpress blog

Based on my experiments while setting up this blog, below are the 7 "bread and butter" plugins for your wordpress blog. These plugins came very handy for me and allowed me to seamlessly integrate much needed functionality in my blog without writing a single line of php code. Contact Form … Read More

Some Wordpress tips and tricks

Wordpress is a universally recognized and robust blogging platform written in the PHP language. Below are a bunch of Wordpress tricks that I've learned during my deployments, and I'd like to share with you. 1. Change breadcrumbs to start from "Home" instead of Site-Title: When I set up this site … Read More

Wordpress installation quick-start guide

Wordpress is a blogging platform that is very easy to use, but involves many configuration trivia which may become overwhelming, unless organized and documented somewhere. Based on my experience of setting up this website, here are the things that I had to keep in mind to get it up and … Read More

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