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How I made my web pages load 10x faster

The most typical advice you get when it comes to improving site performance these days is purely technical things like using CDNs or other serving optimization, using X hosting mechanism instead of Y, going serverless, cache optimization, etc. I'm not talking about those things, I'm talking about the old school … Read More

What problem is React/JSX solving in your App?

Framework wars and debates are very much a thing these days, be it Angular vs Backbone or Angular vs React, but the real debate isn't about these frameworks. The real debate essentially comes down to which is the most efficient way of structuring your app and more importantly, rendering and … Read More

Webpack Project has a Vulnerability

The other day, I was going through this medium post which describes the kind of chaos and insecurity currently plaguing the JavaScript world, and the numero uno reason for that is the astronomical number of npm packages. When you usually install a non-trivial library or application through a package manager … Read More