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How to create android dialogs in a reusable manner

Creating dialogs is a very common need in your app to show a dialog box to the user in order to fetch a value, be it a mobile, desktop or even a web application. Furthermore, the values can range from anything like simple OK-Cancel dialog results to a list of … Read More

How to uniquely identify your Android device in code

My last android project involved tracking each device where the app is installed and storing the information to a database. It is quite a common need to uniquely identify your android device in code. Now, had it been a PC, it would have been easy to track the MAC-address of … Read More

3 Steps to integrate barcode scanning in your Android app

Whilst barcode scanning is a pretty complex and non-trivial task in itself, it could be overwhelming sometimes with android programming. Lucky for us, there exists an opensource project called ZXing (pronounced Zebra-crossing) that solves this problem for us. The ZXing project has already done the heavy lifting by programming the … Read More