Tackling a common CSS design problem: Footer placement at page or content bottom, whichever is lower

This is one of those commonly occurring nags in web development which I’ve solved several times before but still have to scavenge the googles and stack-overflows each time I run into it. That’s why I’ve decided to document the simple solution to it in this brief article. What happens is... Read More

dateutil.relativedelta: A must have tool in your python kitty

Making additions or subtractions to datetime variables is one of the most commonly encountered programming endeavors and that’s what the built-in datetime.datetime.timedelta object is for in python. Its very useful in adding hours or days to your datetime variables as follows: import datetime now = datetime.datetime.now() tea_time = now +... Read More

The right way to serve static files when using django with gunicorn

Yesterday, I learned during deployment that your Django app when used in combination with gunicorn will refuse to serve static files, do whatever you may. I looked up almost every Stack Overflow answer post on this topic including this, this and this. I meddled with almost every hopeful setting including... Read More

How to set your blogspot blog for twitter card validation

One of the first things you want to do after publishing your blog is to share it with rest of the world and twitter is how most of you folks do it, right? But when you share your link in a tweet, you want it to expand into a proper... Read More

Let's do more email

The privacy advocates have been quite vocally and vehemently discouraging the use of email since almost a decade now but contrary to popular opinion, I strongly believe that despite being old, Email is a wonderful technology and mode of communication with several benefits, and it can optionally be made fully... Read More

DIY Keyword research for small bloggers using absolutely free tools

There are a plethora of keyword research tools available in the market such as SEMRush, ahrefs, KWFinder, etc. and while a subscription to them makes sense if you are a small company or startup, it definitely doesn’t for small bloggers who work with a limited budget. But even if you... Read More

How to perform Microsoft OneDrive OAuth sign-in and authorization in a python web app

The methods and examples given in this article are based on flask framework but they should apply to django or something similar too with a little tweak. Few weeks ago, I had landed myself on a project of similar nature and though I found several helpful articles and blog posts... Read More

How to clear individual site cookies on android firefox

One might wonder why an entire blog post is needed for a simple matter of clearing cookies on a web browser in the 21st century. But believe it or not, such are the state of things when it comes to android browsing! Firefox is a great browser to have on... Read More

Is it good SEO or good content that drives traffic to your blog? - A causal analysis

When it comes to content publishing, there are basically two camps in the blogging world: The “Content is King” camp The “SEO” camp The first camp insists that it’s good content that entirely drives traffic to your blog or website. The second camp insists that it’s good Search Engine Optimization... Read More

How to use window.hashchange event to implement routing in vanilla javascript

The popular wisdom when it comes to implement routing in your client side apps or single page apps (SPA) as they are called these days, is to just grab an “off-the-shelf” framework like angular or vue and start using it. Well, that’s the easy way out but you will never... Read More